Good morning all! It’s a beautiful Friday morning in Brooklyn, 55 degrees and mostly sunny. This past winter seemed like George R.R. Martin wrote it to last a hundred years so with this weather I feel practically high on sunshine.

Last summer I transitioned from life as a career bartender, walking 3.5 miles to work every day and running around all night long, to an office job at a tech start up in Manhattan, taking the train to work in the morning and sitting in front of three screens all day long. While bartending also had it’s pitfalls for the athlete I’m trying to be, (SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!) and the move to daytime work has been mostly positive -just not for my ass- the combination of my new sitting heavy lifestyle and the daytime work week had me sorrowfully out of practice. For a long time, because of those short winter days, it was dark when I left my apartment for work, and dark when I left the office to return home (The night is dark and full of terrors)… It got pretty depressing. It’s very sad when the only light in your life is florescent. But the spring has finally come! The days are longer and I don’t plan to waste a single one! I’ve taken to walking home after work most days (9 miles) and saving my long runs for my weekends (which are Thursday and Friday).

So, after running my first Half Marathon in November of 2013 (it was The Annapolis Running Classic, and without really training- more on that in another post) with a time of 02:42:21 I managed to improve my time by almost exactly 10 minutes for the Brooklyn Half in 2014 with a time of 02:32:53.

Now my training begins again for The Baltimore Running Festival in October. I’m out of shape, but I have high hopes and a simple goal. I don’t need to make another 10 minute gain, but I need to be under 02:30.

That said, I’m going to finish my coffee and get out there.



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