It was recently brought to my attention that a while back I agreed to sign up for an obstacle race with a friend of mine and that race is in fact less than a month away… Yikes… Time to amp up strength training…

On the 27th of June I am participating in this bad boy:

Am I ready to jump over a fire and try to climb over walls and swing like a monkey on rings? In a word, no. Am I going to do it anyway? HELL YES! (Except the fire thing- I’m going around that motherfucker)

In preparation for this race I’m shifting my focus to upper body strength. Full disclosure, I have never in my life been able to do a pull up, nor do I expect to in time for this race. While I don’t figure on actually being able to complete all of these obstacles, I do intend to make an earnest attempt at them. So on top of my weekly miles I am now supplementing with some free weights as well as tricep dips, burpees, and I guess practicing crawling on my belly. I’m also adding a quick core work out each morning. Easy stuff… Kid stuff… I hope I’m not in over my head.

I’m looking forward to getting dirty even if I’m a little nervous about getting over a wall (and a FIRE! Did I mention the fire?!).

Currently I’m in Maryland visiting my family for my cousin’s wedding, so I’ve been getting my miles in by running from their place to Driftwood Beach. There and back amounts to about three miles, and there are three VERY steep hills. So far I’ve been running slow and steady to the beach (about 1.5 miles) trying to maintain steady intensity. Once I get to the beach I do my tricep presses and burpees in the sand. Then on the way back I try to alternate between walking and running but always sprint on every uphill climb (especially the first one which seems to be almost 90 degrees).

Tomorrow morning my 60 year old mother is going to join me on my run and probably make me look like a chump.

beach selfie


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