I’d like to start by saying how much I love Baltimore. This race was amazing. I didn’t beat my previous time but I also didn’t fall back by much. My previous race I beat my first half marathon time by 10 minutes with a time of two hours and thirty-two minutes. When I signed up for this one my goal was non-specific. I just wanted to beat my previous time. While I did not accomplish that goal, I also didn’t do that much worse. I came in at two hours and thirty-nine minutes so it was still better than my first time.  I’m not going to give myself a hard time for averaging 12 minute miles over a half marathon. Besides! I got to high five every child, cop, middle aged woman in her leopard bathrobe, old toothless menthol smoker, and young MICA student I encountered. The support of the local community was truly touching.

The way the event was organized  was a little confusing, all of the starting action was in one place, near the finish line, but the actual starting line was about a mile and a half away. My parents, who also ran this race with me, and I got a little mixed up and ended up running a mile and a half before the race even started!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Baltimore is somehow only made of uphills and almost no downhills at all?! Every time I would make it to the top of a hill expecting to make up time on the down slope I would find myself running a level surface and then suddenly climbing another damn hill. At the top of almost every hill was some helpful citizen with a sign claiming this hill was the last hill. Fool me once…

More helpful than the kind people with the signs offering false hope about the hill situation were the people set up outside their homes along the course with music blasting.

Special shout out to the people at miles 9 and 10 with a little table offering Natty Boh rather than water to runners. You people are the real heroes. That little taste of beer reminded me why I do these events. So I can drink in the mornings and still feel accomplished and respectable.

At the finish line I cried. I always cry.



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