With 2016 around the corner the time has come to review the year and set new goals.

Last year had its ups and downs. I had set out a couple goals for myself; I wanted to set a new PR for the half marathon, run more 5Ks, and lose weight. Here is how that went:

  • Half Marathon Goal

The year started strong for me with regard to training for the half, but hit some seriously rocky ground when I came down with shingles in July and my training schedule was thrown completely off course. My half marathon goal had originally been to get my time under two hours and thirty minutes but after my illness I was forced to reevaluate. My new goal was just to finish. My time was not as fast as it was in 2014, but faster than in 2013.  At two hours and thirty-nine minutes, I’m not unhappy about my time.

  • 5Ks and Short Races

Running more short races was kind of a bust. I ran a few races, including my first obstacle race (the MOST fun!) but in all, my work schedule made it next to impossible to sign up regularly. Most 5Ks are on Saturdays and Sundays and unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to be able to change shifts with anyone as there were only two of us on my project team. If I was absent on the weekend, no one was there to do the work.

One of my non-running goals was to find a better paying job with upward mobility, and hopefully, no weekend hours. Luckily, the company I was with did me the great favor of laying off my entire team as well as half the department just in time for me to have found that new, and much better, job for the new year. So, thanks to my old company for the paid vacation!

  • Weight Loss

Nope. One thing I’ll say for the old company, they kept us fed and our cups full. I have recently lost some weight, but only enough to break even on what I gained this year. The best I can say is that my weight is the same at the end of this year as it was at the start. Unfortunately I started the year wanting to lose at least 15 lbs but spent most of the year with a 10 lb surplus from where I began.

With that track record in mind, and such drastic changes ahead in 2016, I think it makes sense to reprise all the same goals but to approach them with a new plan. I also am going to set a blogging goal.

  • Half Marathon

This year I would like to finally get under two hours and thirty minutes. I’m going to stay close to home for the half this year. I’ve decided on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon for 2016.

  • Blog

Speaking of training for a new half marathon PR… I’m going to start doing reviews of some popular running apps including Zombies, Run’s half marathon training plan as well as the standards like Map My Run vs. Moves and other tracking apps.

  • 5ks and Obstacle Races

I absolutely LOVED the Rugged Maniac, and I plan to do it again this year. The goal being to make it to the end with less bloodshed. I also plan do run a 5K every month. Now that I will have a Monday through Friday schedule this is a much more manageable goal. In general I like to run the 5K series through Rezalution Fitness. Each race benefits a different worthy cause and all skill levels are welcome. There is also always a lovely gathering of runners after at a local watering hole for drinks and brunch.

  • Weight Loss

Same goal as always I guess. I’m not too serious about this one, which is why, I suppose, I never seem to be able to move the scale. That said, my last two jobs kept me eating junk food all the time. I would never buy Doritos, but if you put my desk in the kitchen and the vegetarian option for lunch is unpalatable, I am going to end up eating Doritos for lunch. And probably end up eating the lackluster lunch option in addition. The job before the last one was in a pub with amazing but fattening food. Between the food and the unending supply of beer, both at the pub and in my former office, my weight has stayed higher than I would like.

I think starting my new job in the new year will make a big difference. My new company has many amazing perks, but seems to be less food-and beer-centric than my last one. Now that my office will be less of a frat house I think weight loss will come more easily. Since the layoff at the beginning of this month I’ve already lost 11 lbs! Just not being in that office has already made an impact. I’d like to lose another 16. Let’s see how it goes.



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