I have been a subscriber to Runners World for a few years now, and one of my favorite features is the Newbie Chronicles. Previously written by Marc Parent, the column has been taken over by a new writer, as Marc can no longer be considered a ‘newbie’ after 6 years. The column has been taken over by Kathryn Arnold who admits in her most recent work that she has been spending a lot more time on the couch than on the road. I can relate to this.

In a recent discussion with my mother about the winter big-ass blues, I laughed at the idea that I write a running blog. Sure I’ve been running for years now, and have run 3 half-marathons and countless 5Ks, but day to day? I’m feeling a little impostor syndrome recently… Right on for Marc for leaving behind newbie status, but I have not been so diligent.

No matter what you accomplish you can easily slide back into loathsome slothitude. That said, no matter how far you slide back you can hit the reset button and start again toward your best self.

Kathryn concludes this most recent piece about trying to rekindle motivation by discussing her struggles in other aspects of her life, changing jobs, locations, and the pain of her divorce. She lands on some words from her therapist, “You against yourself.”

I get this. My struggle with depression and anxiety has made upgrading my apartment from public health hazard to simple pigsty the most important accomplishment of my 20s. It’s easy to let running fall off when you’re struggling to keep it together on such a basic level. It’s hard to remember when the alarm goes off on a weekend morning how much easier everything else is when running is a part of my life. But today I do remember. Today I don’t hit snooze.

One step at a time. Dress the part. Make your first goal to get up and get dressed in your running gear. Next step is to get out the door, but the first thing to do is to lace up.

This is really good advice. Today I got up, made coffee, dropped off my laundry and then took inventory of my running gear. I discarded anything that is too small or too large or unflattering or ripped or stained. I resolved to invest in two new running bras.

Then I put on my stretch pants and my running shoes. I gave myself permission to sit down on the couch, but instead I left the house.

I only ran a mile and a half today, but it felt good. I’m looking for a 5K to complete by the end of the month. Time to hit the reset button.


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  1. Love this line: “I gave myself permission to sit down on the couch, but instead I left the house.” The run feels best when the motivation is my own and I get out there and work toward the person I want to be. I also love that you’re being good to yourself.

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