Today I’m reviewing Moves, my activity tracking app of choice.

While there are a lot of apps out there that offer various benefits, the most popular seems to be Map My Run. While Map My Run offers elevation and pace tracking, a food diary, weight tracking, and an online portal, and other social features, I found that I rarely remembered to use these features, and more importantly, I found that I would forget to turn the app on at all when I began my run.

If I wasn’t specifically thinking about tracking when my run started then I would forget to use the app and then when I would remember midway through my run I would have this sense that the miles I did not track had been wasted somehow.

It’s funny, I would start out only thinking about the run, and then would shift to only thinking about tracking my run as if that were the reason I was out there. As if the miles were points I could trade in for a free smoothie (if only).

That brings us to Moves. Moves has less of the fancy features offered by Map My Run, but as I said, I don’t use most of that anyway. What moves has over Map My Run for me is that it starts automatically when you begin walking and it can tell if you are walking, running, cycling, or in some kind of transportation (like a car or subway). In the bubbles at the top of the screen, you can see your miles, steps taken, estimated calorie burn, and how long you spent on each activity.


The line below is color coded and time stamped according to the activity. When you tap any part of the line it will open a map to show you where that activity took place according to your GPS location. Moves will also let you manually change the activity type for these sections. If Moves has you in one location for three hours and you know you were skateboarding or lifting weights or paintballing during that time, you can select that option and log that activity.


While haveing a GPS tracking app running in the background all day may seem like a battery drain I haven’t noticed a significant drop in battery life for my iphone and if you are worried about it, you can select the battery saving accuracy setting which allows the app to turn off when you are inside a building.

I love this app because it lets me start out my run thinking only about running, and then when things get hard and I need to find motivation in the miles I track, there it is, saying “I got you. If you go a little further you’ll have run a 5k!”

It’s also nice to wake up each day with a little notification that tells me how much walking or running I did the day before or a notification saying that I set a record for the month for the miles I ran or walked. It helps remind me to think about running and walking more.

So there you have it. My first app review. Do you have an app that you prefer? Let me know what’s so great about it in the comments.


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