On June 25th I will be running my second Rugged Maniac race benefiting The American Cancer Society  with my bar buddies. While last time was way more fun, but far less challenging (aside from my elbow injury) than expected, once again I find myself anxious and out of shape as the race approaches.

So what to do?

Sober up for starters. As you may have read, alcohol impairs judgement. While under the influence of alcohol you may judge that a cigarette or ten would be nice, that a person who is not particularly handsome or funny is appropriate to spend the night with, or, most commonly, that making scrambled eggs while you wait for the extra large pizza you will be eating entirely by yourself would be a good way to kill time.

Hangovers also make it so easy to say no to running in the morning and yes to big greasy breakfasts.

So for all of June I have resolved to put myself on the wagon (except of course for the free beer we get at the end of the Maniac, I will have earned it and I’ll be damned if I am not gonna have it).

This sober interlude will hopefully make it easier to make healthier food choices, but to add to that I am also imposing the rule that I am not allowed to order delivery food other than salad. As an added bonus I expect this plan to save me some money.

Finally, I am also committing to a 30 day streak. In order to keep my streak going I must run at least 1 mile each day, 3 miles on No Excuse Sundays. Obviously more than 1 mile is better and I am working to incorporate some upper body and core strength training, but laying out a minimum can be a helpful motivational tool.

No Excuse Sunday, by the way, is a concept stolen from my parents who absolutely every Sunday get out to run. “It is Sunday, no excuses.”

My parents stretching on No Excuse Sunday with MagPie

I have not really been feeling like myself recently, so I think this month-long resolve is a good way to hit the reset button and try to find the person I am trying to be.

So I chopped off my pony tail last night (new do, new you!) and removed temptation from my apartment (by consuming it, I’m not wasteful), and I am jumping in with both feet.


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