Goals and Progress! The role of racing

So far so good on on day 15 of my sober 25 day goal and my 30 day running streak.

At the midway point my weight remains 190; the scale will just not budge, HOWEVER, I have lost 4 inches from my waist. I would argue that is a better indicator of progress than the scale. Another marker of progress, I look better in general, not just thinner, but happier. The skin on my face is also unspeakably soft (for this I credit all the avocados I have been eating).

The best thing I have gotten so far is how much stronger and enthusiastic I feel. Physically and emotionally. Sure, I am wanting to go to bed at 9 pm, when the sun isn’t even really down all the way like some old grandma lady, but I am excited when I go to bed about getting up in the morning to run. It’s crazy, but I finish work and sometimes I go for another run. Work has been busier but the added stress has not been overwhelming; I do not feel anxious or angry, I feel challenged and capable.

I feel stronger, but also, I think part of my rediscovered love for running has come from giving myself permission to only run a mile. Usually, during the work week, I do two miles in the morning, but knowing it still counts so long as I run only one has made a huge difference. Weekends mean longer runs because I have all day.

Eating healthy is easier too. I want to eat fruit for lunch and I don’t spend the whole day thinking about what I am going to have for dinner anymore.

So why did I start this? Because I have a Rugged Maniac on the 25th and I don’t want to embarrass myself! Having a race coming up makes a huge difference when you are trying to make big positive changes.

I am very happy with how I have been feeling and I am excited about continuing on this path. So to keep up the motivation, I am nurturing the competitive nature of my friendship with Alicia, and developing a shit talking rapport with my friend Lynell as she enters running. Most importantly I am signing up for races.

So after the June Maniac, I have some very exciting races in July!

On July 23rd I am running The Brooklyn Cyclones Take Your Base 5K benefiting YMCA of Greater New York (ending in a Cyclones game on Star Wars day!!). I am running this race with my friend Alicia (who you may remember I am going to CRUSH at the half in October) and my friend Lynell (she is new to running and so I must crush her as well or die of humiliation).

The very next day I am participating in the NYC Challenge with my company.

Then I am off to Ocean City Maryland for a week vacation! Sandy feet are happy feet.


The pretty ones belong to my friend Vanessa.

I’ll be looking for some great races in August to keep it going.


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