So far so good on on day 15 of my sober 25 day goal and my 30 day running streak.

At the midway point my weight remains 190; the scale will just not budge, HOWEVER, I have lost 4 inches from my waist. I would argue that is a better indicator of progress than the scale. Another marker of progress, I look better in general, not just thinner, but happier. The skin on my face is also unspeakably soft (for this I credit all the avocados I have been eating).

The best thing I have gotten so far is how much stronger and enthusiastic I feel. Physically and emotionally. Sure, I am wanting to go to bed at 9 pm, when the sun isn’t even really down all the way like some old grandma lady, but I am excited when I go to bed about getting up in the morning to run. It’s crazy, but I finish work and sometimes I go for another run. Work has been busier but the added stress has not been overwhelming; I do not feel anxious or angry, I feel challenged and capable.

I feel stronger, but also, I think part of my rediscovered love for running has come from giving myself permission to only run a mile. Usually, during the work week, I do two miles in the morning, but knowing it still counts so long as I run only one has made a huge difference. Weekends mean longer runs because I have all day.

Eating healthy is easier too. I want to eat fruit for lunch and I don’t spend the whole day thinking about what I am going to have for dinner anymore.

So why did I start this? Because I have a Rugged Maniac on the 25th and I don’t want to embarrass myself! Having a race coming up makes a huge difference when you are trying to make big positive changes.

I am very happy with how I have been feeling and I am excited about continuing on this path. So to keep up the motivation, I am nurturing the competitive nature of my friendship with Alicia, and developing a shit talking rapport with my friend Lynell as she enters running. Most importantly I am signing up for races.

So after the June Maniac, I have some very exciting races in July!

On July 23rd I am running The Brooklyn Cyclones Take Your Base 5K benefiting YMCA of Greater New York (ending in a Cyclones game on Star Wars day!!). I am running this race with my friend Alicia (who you may remember I am going to CRUSH at the half in October) and my friend Lynell (she is new to running and so I must crush her as well or die of humiliation).

The very next day I am participating in the NYC Challenge with my company.

Then I am off to Ocean City Maryland for a week vacation! Sandy feet are happy feet.

The pretty ones belong to my friend Vanessa.

I’ll be looking for some great races in August to keep it going.


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