Last night’s burlesque was amazing! Probably the best of the Hotsy Totsy shows I have attended thus far. Kirk and Spock were so… romantic… It was so wonderful I did not even miss the tequila I usually enjoy with these shows. I go every month and I would strongly encourage you all to check them out.  All the more amazing is that without drinking, the evening cost me about $13 in total.

This morning I got up and danced embarrassingly to my Guilty Pop Playlist until I could not dance anymore and then took a shower. It was quite a workout and I feel like I am going to try to incorporate dancing into my work out routine more often because it also really makes me happy. The shower was wasted as I was drenched in sweat by the end of my 4 mile walk to the train (really by the end of walking the first block). I am pretty sick of being slick with sweat by the time I get on the train every day.

The commute this morning was very dramatic, a woman in the train car I was in collapsed suddenly, I guess from dehydration. Lucky for her a paramedic happened to be in the car as well. Some old woman gave her a seat (not any of the young healthy people mind you) and I gave her the bottle of water I had just purchased at Starbucks. It was all very dramatic. Unrelated: I also got randomly selected for search as I entered the subway. I suppose being this sweaty looks pretty suspicious.

Any-who… dehydration is no joke, but I am in no danger of that even with all the sweating. I started using an app called Productive (more on this app in my Sunday recap) to track my habits. One of the habits I am working on is drinking at least 1000 ml of water every morning, afternoon, and evening. I feel like my skin looks pretty great since I started doing this (also probably the elimination of alcohol has something to do with it).

Not to worry coworkers. I brought a clean, dry shirt to change into. You are welcome.

I failed to take any relevant pictures last night, so here is a shot of my sister and me hula hooping on vacation.

Meanwhile! Below is some more information about St. Jude’s and the impact your donations make. Please donate to this wonderful cause here!



Donations make a difference

Every dollar donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital counts! Take a look at some of the possibilities that your effort could provide to the kids and families of St. Jude.

Infant Care Supplies for 10 Babies: $50

These supplies help parents and nurses care for babies in treatment and include items like diapers, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, footies and heel warmers.

Wagon: $70

Wagons can make traveling through the halls of St. Jude easier for parents and more fun for a young child.

Parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays and “coming off chemo”: $75

St. Jude provides parties, decorations, cakes and more to keep spirits high during the holidays and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and a child’s completion of chemotherapy treatment.

Creative Toys: $100

Play is an essential part of every child’s life, and it’s important for the children to have fun as often as possible. At St. Jude, colorful, toy-filled play areas are just as plentiful as exam rooms.

Delicious Meals: $210

St. Jude provides meal cards so that patients and families can enjoy the comfort and convenience of good, nutritious meals in the Kay Kafe, our cafeteria.

One Day of Oxygen: $447

Oxygen is key to keeping the immune system strong. A gift of oxygen can help a young body thrive and help fight cancer at the cellular level.

Child-sized Wheelchairs: $700

These special wheelchairs help children move easily through St. Jude.

Airfare for a parent and child: $1,000 Average

For a patient referred to St. Jude, the hospital covers the cost of airfare for a child and one parent or guardian.


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