Have you missed me? I’ve missed writing daily posts, but I was pretty sick the week after the half and had some back pain issues so I was also glad to be taking a break, but now I’m glad to be back.

This Saturday I am running the Heroes and Villains Dash to benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering. This is a race I have done before and one that is close to my heart. Lucky me, I work for an amazing company that has generously decided to support my running habit as well as this very important cause! This year I am running with Team Myriad!!

This is a costume race. You are encouraged to dress as your favorite hero or villain for this race. While it is not required I would not be much of a team captain if I didn’t dress up. Besides, I don’t really plan to go out on Halloween because I am 30 and I go to bed at like 9:30 if I can help it.

I have chosen Xena Warrior Princess for my hero but I have found that many of the young people at the many costume stores of NYC don’t even know who she is. When the third young shop girl I asked to for help had to google her I died of old age. So I turned to the internet. I found a costume on Amazon that seemed perfect, and while it was pricey (almost $70 before shipping!!) I figured in the end, buying a bunch of parts for this costume would probably add up to that and I was not really feeling up to trying to make a costume.

Mistake! DO NOT BUY THAT COSTUME! The costume arrived and it was not so good. The breastplate and other armor accessories were meant to attach with velcro, but as a busty gal that did not exactly line up with where I would want things to be. The armor parts were also made of rubber, and smelled like rubber, a smell which likely would not be improved by running a 5K. Worst of all, the “leather” flaps in the front of the skirt did not go all the way around to the back of the dress! So I could be Xena in the front and full moon in the back. I returned it and left a review on Amazon warning the other 30-year-old princesses that they should look elsewhere.

So the stores were a wash, Amazon did not work out… OKAY. Craft time. I already have a brown PU leather corset which is stretchy and flexible enough to run in. So… Where to go from there. Lowes hardware obviously.

Old bra I was getting rid of: $0

Old dress I was getting rid of: $0

Duct tape and paper towels my dad left in my apartment: $0

A length of rubber tubing and two cans of spray paint: $20

I have to say it is looking pretty good. Here is just a little teaser:


Now naturally that is not done. I am going to be creating the details in the boob circles and painting them by hand tonight. But I tried it on with the dress (which I totally spray painted brown) and it looks pretty convincing as is. Is it good enough to be Xena forever? Maybe not, but I am going to be the best looking Xena running 3.1 miles on Saturday for sure. AND I’m not breaking my bank to be a hero.



    1. I can’t wait to share! Because this is for a 5K, it needs to be light and easy to move in, so it is not exactly what I would wear if I were doing this for a party or something. I think it’s looking pretty fucking great so far…..


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