Yesterday was the Heroes and Villains 5K I’ve been anticipating since the Half finished.

When I mentioned to my boss that I was running this race (which supports Memorial Soan Kettering Cancer Research Center) that my friend Reza Pazooki organizes, she suggested Myriad should have a team and that the company would donate to MSK as well! I’ve never managed to get a team together for one of these events before so I was very excited about rallying my coworkers to sign up.

With very short notice I am proud to say we ended up with a team of 7 and my company donated $100 per person to MSK for a total of $700!! The charitable giving from Myriad is really wonderful and the support for getting a team together to run has been really moving. Next month Myriad is sponsoring a team for the Stache Dash, also organized by Reza, for the Movember Foundation! I am hoping with a little more time between now and then we can get an even bigger group together for next time. I’m proud of my company and I am proud of my team!

Chris George, Vanessa Bloom, Emma Sally, Xena Warrior Princes, Kyle Sciortino, Jeff Rotella, Lisa Hermes

The weather was not beautiful by most standards but after a week of balmy tropical fall weather, I was pretty happy to have a cold rainy day for this race. I know not everyone loves that so I would also like to thank my team for showing up and being such great sports about running on the first day of actual fall weather.

There were a lot of great costumes out there! Lots of Superman and Wonder Woman in particular.


I was the only Xena. I was a little worried about how my home made breastplate would hold up if it should downpour on us but not only was the rain a light sprinkling at best, but my costume was totally sturdy. There was actually another 5K going on at the same time, and a bunch of older ladies walking the other 5K hollered at me “XENA XENA!!” when I ran by them both ways! It was great to feel that support.


The race itself was great fun! Since the half I was sick, had some pretty severe back problems which my doctor solved with some pretty serious pharmaceuticals, then I got sick again. In all honesty, until yesterday, I had not run a step since the the half on October 8th. I woke up feeling healthy finally but starting out the race my quads felt a little tight.

I ran and did my best and by the end, I felt stronger and happy to be back in the swing of things. My official time was 32:08.5. I definitely took one of the turns in the wrong spot, but it was close enough, it took me down the same pier I was supposed to go down and back anyway, it was just a few extra steps. Oh well!

Another member of my team, Chris, also took a wrong turn (or rather, lack of a turn) and ended up running an extra mile! That dude is fast because he still beat me (and almost everyone else) to the finish even with a whole extra mile!

Jeff Rotella finished second with a time of 19:43.5! Third was Kyle Sciortino with a time of 22:34.2 and fifth, even with running an extra mile, was Chris George at 24:16.5. Apparently, I brought a pretty serious team. So proud of these guys!

Alicia Upchurch on my left Lisa Hermes on my right. Check out Lisa’s running blog at Adventures of Running Lisa
The latest medal in my collection!

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