Over the weekend I ran the Santa Dash with my company sponsored team!

Our team with Reza and the Santa dash crew! Chad and I are holding our 1st place bobble head trophies. We were absolutely not 1st but I love my bobble head! Deion is up front smiling in his Chiefs hat.

Have I said before how proud I am of the charitable giving at Myriad? Well I am. Not only did they pick up the race registration for myself and my team (this is the third race they have sponsored a team for), but they made a big fat donation to Covenant House in the amount of $2,000!

The day of the race was the first truly snowy day here in NYC. We woke up to 3 or 4 inches of snow which turned into freezing rain by the time the race started. I made some footwear mistakes, thinking my Palladium’s would be good for not slipping and falling, I chose them over my actual running shoes. This was not such a good choice. It wasn’t really so slippery, just very very slushy. This race involved jumping over huge puddles at every intersection and adjusting my gait to more of a march (or stomp) than a jog through the slush. I was soaked by the time I finished and I seriously regretted my shoe choice. Lesson learned.

Imagine this if you had no home. šŸ˜¦

The thought I kept with me as I sloshed through the slush is that the homeless are also cold and wet. I am running toward a beer and a warm place to stay. Homeless teens are cold and wet too, but they may not have an option to get out of these conditions. The work that Covenant House does to help homeless kids and victims of sex trafficking is so important, especially during the winter when conditions are so dire. Generally a time of 45 minutes is… ah… not so good… in this case, I will give myself a break. I’m proud of this race regardless of my time.

I am also really proud of my team! Chad finished in 29 minutes coming in 5th place. I am absolutely amazed by anyone who can run like that. I bet he is like the flash in dry weather. Deion finished in 35 minutes, and even waited in the cold at the finish line for 10 minutes for me to finally finish. GO TEAM! We did have another member of the team who did not make it out. She recently suffered a pretty serious injury and has been in physical therapy to recover. She would not have been able to run safely, so I forgive her for standing us up. It’s never worth getting hurt. Besides, there will be lots of races in 2017 and she will totally be there!

I love this race, even in the slush, and I will 100% be back next year.


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