Here we are at the end of 2016- a year that many have called a dumpster fire. A lot of awful things happened in the world this year- as they do every year- but this one really did feel worse. That may be because for all the things we lost in 2016, one thing we gained was a new president who was elected by an angry minority. The majority of this country who voted against him are looking at a new (4) year(s) under this maniac. Oh boy!

Nasty woman forever.

That said, if I were to recap every tragedy that marked this year there would be almost no room to talk about running- which is the subject of this blog.

I can say that on a personal level I had a pretty good year up until November. I started a new job which turned out to be even more awesome than I expected, I saw some amazing burlesque and made some pretty excellent new friends, and I accomplished a lot of personal growth that I am pretty proud of. I’m excited to continue the trend into 2017.

Last year I did a single post going over my previous years resolutions and then reprised the same goals with some minor tweaks.

This year I am going to post my recap here and write up a new post with fancy new goals for 2017.

Last Year’s Goals:

  • Half Marathon

The goal was to set a PR and get under 02:30 at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon for 2016.

I did not get down to 02:30 but I am happy with my time of 02:37 and even more so with surpassing my fundraising goal for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Big thanks to everyone who donated!


  • Blog

I had indicated previously that I wanted to do some app reviews for this blog. I did one, but ultimately the blog seems to be more interesting (based on reader responses and page hits) when I keep it personal and goal focused. I’ll still do some reviews here and there but I really enjoyed my 60 day blogging streak leading up to the half marathon. At least I enjoyed the first 50 days of it… 60 days is a lot.

I did some running related art that I’m pretty proud of as well!

Run bowl

I also launched a Facebook page for this blog which promptly received a greater than expected follow-ship!

  • 5Ks and Obstacle Races

I wanted to do another Rugged Maniac, and do it without hurting myself this time. Success! It’s an annual tradition now. I talked about trying to do a 5K every month. I did not make it every month, but I did participate in some really fun races and raised a lot of money for some great causes. My charity game was stepped way up in 2016 and I plan to do even more in 2017! Please enjoy this 2016 race photo recap!

  • Weight Loss

LOL nope! That’s fine.


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