I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve! Usually, NYE is a night for major partying but this year I decided I didn’t have it in me. That is not to say I was disappointed in any way with my tame night in. I’ve been excited about my nothin’ plans for a month!

I enjoyed some delicious homemade coquito from my friend dear Christina, watched the movies for our upcoming film club meeting (The Sweet Smell of Success and How to Get Ahead in Advertising) and went to bed long before midnight.

In the morning I got up and started a streak. Every day in January I will run a minimum of a mile or complete my favorite Yoga for Abs video. My parents are also doing a streak! The nice thing about a streak is that it takes away the question of if you really need to run or workout today. Yes, you do. It’s just a questions of which thing you will do.

Yesterday I ran, today I did both, tomorrow I will likely choose the video. Neither is all that taxing, but a simple January streak is a good way to start the year right and get into a solid morning routine. This includes flossing better, taking my vitamins every single day, starting the day with a 1000 ml of water and not just coffee and generally getting back to being the productive healthy member of society I was before the winter of 2016.

Setting up this strong morning routine also helps me to gear up for the new running goals I’ve set for the year! I’ve based these goals on last year’s goals.

This year’s goals:

  • Half Marathon

This year I’ve signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival again! Of all the half marathons I’ve run Baltimore was the most fun. I felt this year I needed that fun back even if that half was also the hardest one I’ve done. Did you know that Baltimore is made entirely of uphill slopes? Gotta kick hill training up this year.

My parents will be doing the 5K distance in Baltimore this year!

I will be running for Back On My Feet! I chose this as my charity to fundraise for because I wanted a secular organization that offers assistance to the homeless, those struggling with addiction, and the recently incarcerated. BoMF combats homelessness through the power of running, community support, and essential employment and housing resources. They also provide financial literacy courses. Please help me raise money for this excellent cause by donating here.

  • Blog

I’m excited to get to work on more running related art! My zombie bowl from last year came out better than expected so I am planning a series of running/monster ceramics!


Aside from more art posts, I’ll be continuing to post about mini-challenges and the races I’ll be participating in. I’ll also be doing some posts on my quest for a sports bra for those of us DDD and higher.

  • 5Ks, Obstacle Races, Other distances

You know I will be doing another Rugged Maniac! I’m doing one leg of a relay Marathon in Delaware with my parents in May and will absolutely be doing the Steven Siller Tunnel 2 Towers race again in September (most likely with a team!). The Heroes and Villains race in October, the Stache Dash in November, and the Santa Dash in December are all beloved yearly traditions as well. I’ll be looking for other fun races and worthy causes to participate in this year. Aside from improving my running performance this year, I would really like to step up my charitable giving and fundraising game. Did I mention I am asking for donations for BoMF?

  • Weight Loss

Haha, nope. Not this year. Would it be cool to lose a few? Yeah, but it’s not a goal. My goal is to see improvement on my 5K time over the year and to actually get my half marathon time to an even 02:30!


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