So proud of my best friend Patti for running her first 5K this month with the Annapolis Striders!! Go Patti!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
She finished with a time of 28:4! Speedy little lady!
Strong and beautiful inside and out.
The love of my life, Patti and I have been best friends since 8th grade. We have seen many ups and downs together. She has overcome more than most people will ever live through. I am unspeakably proud of her. She is a kind generous single mother (You read that right gentlemen- single!) with the kind of endurance of spirit that inspires others to stride forward.
She has struggled against addiction and illness and come out a gorgeous glittering unicorn running into the sunset. She still carries with her the weights of her past struggles, but she is strong enough to persevere.
Patti is a true testament to how running can be a catalyst to meaningful changes in your life.


Here is what she has to say about how running has changed her life:


“When I started to consider myself a runner- although at the beginning I was more of a speed walker- I became sober. I mean, there are a lot of physical and emotional benefits that come with running. Running helped me begin to heal the scars of addiction. Running a race seemed like a natural progression for me. Running is now what comes to mind before the notion of using when obstacles arise. That’s huge for me. The benefits for me are too numerous to list, but simply running is one of the things that saved me.”
She will be running with me in October for the Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon. That means this year will have been her first 5K AND her first half marathon! We are both raising money for Back on My Feet, an organization that helps at-risk people with sustainable housing and employment while incorporating the powerful life lessons of running!
Look at this proud gazelle!
Donate to Patti’s fundraising page here:
And if you are so inclined, you can donate to my fundraising page here:
Either way, your donations go to Back on My Feet!

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