Recently my shins started hurting, and then by the time they felt better my knee started hurting. What do you do when your shins hurt and your knee hurts? Well, if you’re smart you lay off running and do other kinds of exercise. I chose to sit around. Naturally, that led to some weight gain and general increase in laziness. A body that is not regularly in motion tends to want to stay that way. I did do many pizza lifts, rosé curls, and burrito scarfs but I doubt those moves count toward any kind of caloric burn.

This probably weighs about 3 lbs right? How many reps do I need to do to make this count as a workout?

Thank goodness I snapped out of it! I have a blog to write after all. No need to dwell on the diet mistakes and lack of activity of the past; it is time to move forward!

As of today my shins and knee are both feeling better and I am on day 6 of a 30 day streak involving doing at least 15 burpees every morning (or evening if I oversleep) and I have signed up for ClassPass (you can get $30 off if you sign up with my link here).

So far I’ve gone to a rowing class and boxing at Overthrow twice. I love Overthrow boxing classes. I’ll be writing a review of ClassPass and Overthrow for my next post but today let me tell you all about burpees and why I chose them for this streak.

My burpee streak was inspired by an article posted by Runners World on Facebook ‘I did 30 burpees for 15 days and this is what happened‘ similar to last year with my plank challenge. I have decided to do 15 every day for 30 days rather than the other way around and I will admit that the first day the push up part of the burpee was questionable in it’s execution.

To do a proper, modern day burpee you should begin standing, go into a squat, then go forward into plank position, one push-up, then jump up and repeat. This should be done quickly. There are lot’s of fun variations of the burpee, check out this lady at The Daily Burn demonstrating them with more grace and exuberance than I can pull off. I do not look like her. I do not make them look easy.

When I first began this I looked more or less like I was repeatedly throwing myself onto the floor in some kind of dramatic tantrum rather than gracefully executing the move. It’s gotten much better over these six days but  I certainly do not spring back up like my floor was a trampoline. That is fine. This is not a dance competition. Every day so far it’s gotten easier to maintain form and do them faster. Before you know it I’ll be busting out the burpee at every dance-off in town.

I’m sort of shocked by how hard they were on day one and how easy I find them now on day six. Today I did a full 30 in 3 reps of 10. Then again, today is Sunday and I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere. But I kind of like them, they are sort of fun!

I’ll be reporting back at the end of 30 days to tell you what kind of results I see; I can tell you based only on these first six days that this new endeavor is already my favorite streak that I’ve attempted over the years. The improvements I’m already seeing are very exciting.

As you may know, I will be taking on the Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon October 15, 2017! I’ll be racing for Back on My Feet: an organization that combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources.

This cause is very dear to me, and I’ll appreciate all the support I can get! Please donate here to help me reach my fundraising goal! Every little bit helps!!


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  1. You are an inspiration. Great job on recognizing your exercise fail and simply correcting and moving forward. I love that you don’t dwell and I love that you use your love of fitness to help others. Keep it up.


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