A few months ago my friend Vanessa invited me to a boxing class with her at Overthrow. She sent me a link to sign up for a free month of Class Pass so I could join her. I did not plan to keep up a membership but I’m totally hooked. I love Class Pass, if you’d like to try it with $30 off the first month you can use my link to sign up here.

Overthrow Boxing supports Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Their classes are taught by boxers not fitness instructors. It’s the highlight of my week every week.

I used to say I wasn’t really a “class person” with the idea that these classes were all full of young model thin perfectly toned women jazzercizing with perfect rhythm and form. I felt intimidated by the idea of messing up choreography or being the biggest and least fit woman in the room– even by not knowing where to stand or put my stuff.


Monster Cycle sits well with my aesthetic sensibilities. The classes are music driven and fun. It’s the sweatiest workout I do every week but I’d also say the easiest.

When I had a Crunch membership I almost never went. I went a few times but if I had trouble with the buttons on a treadmill or there was someone on the machine I wanted I would just leave. I also used to stop by there after a run in the park just to use the ladies room and freshen up. That was the primary use of my Crunch membership when I cancelled- A very expensive public restroom and shower. I can pee at Starbucks and throw a wet towelette in my spy-belt.

When I signed up for Class Pass with the free month link Vanessa sent me I marked my calendar to cancel before it charged me. I had no intention of paying for another gym membership that would go unused and I really didn’t think I was going to turn out to be the “class person” that I have become. I started out on the 5 class a month level. I went to Overthrow Boxing and I went to Row House and I went to Monster Cycle at Limelight and then I went to Boxing and Rowing again…

That’s when I got it. I suddenly saw why it was worth it and I boosted my membership to the 10 classes a month level. At $135 a month it wasn’t much more than I was paying for Crunch (with my corporate membership rate) and I was actually working out hard three times a week rather than just swinging by to pee after a light run in the park.

Rowing is a full body workout and I hate it while I’m doing it. That said, every time I leave Row House I feel amazing. I’m sure the people on the subway don’t love how sweaty I am on my way home from this but I feel so good I just can’t worry about that.

There are so many options on Class Pass that are not Zumba like dance classes (Although there are plenty of those if that makes you happy!) Every week I start the week with Monster Cycle at Limelight, mid-week I hit Row House and every weekend I go to Overthrow Boxing. I am set in my ways and like a routine but most people take advantage of being able to try so many different studios and classes all over the city. Recently even I have deviated from my routine to try other studios in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Tomorrow I’m trying BYKLYN Cycle for the first time.

The breakdown of pricing for the New York area is as follows:

Hold: Hold costs $15/mo. + tax and you can take 1 class during your cycle.

Go: costs $45/mo + tax and you can take 3 classes during your cycle. You can visit a studio up to 1 time per cycle. 

Base: Base costs $75/mo. + tax and you can take 5 total classes during your cycle. You can visit a studio up to 2 times per cycle.

Core: Core costs $135/mo + tax. and you can take 10 total classes during your cycle. You can visit a studio up to 3 times per cycle.

So does this mean I’m going to change the name of my blog and make it about all sorts of fitness classes? Nope. Fast Girls Have Good Times will always be a blog about running while female (although strictly speaking I am not even fast actually haha). This is still a running blog as much as it ever was. I still love to run. I’ve always written about fitness and food and various related topics and cross training with all these classes has helped me to get back into shape after being inactive with injury and laziness and post-election depression.


Today I got up and ran 3 miles in 33 minutes. I credit all these classes for helping me to get back out there and knock out that time after not running for so long. All this activity gives me hope that I can shave those three minutes off in time for my next 5K at the beginning of June.


Next weekend: Night Nation Run!



  1. This is a great perspective on monthly fitness membership. It certainly has me thinking. I’m currently a “donor” at Blink and while I love the facility, I just haven’t found a good routine so that I fit it into my schedule. It’s near home not work so that’s challenging. You have definitely inspired me. I need to make some changes so that I work out consistently. Also, the rowing machine is my absolute favorite! Thanks for a great post.

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    1. If you like rowing I definitely recommend Row House in Chelsea! Its convenient and its a tough workout but not so much that you can’t go every week!


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