I’ve already told you that I will be running the Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon in October and raising money for Back on My Feet!

As we get closer to the race and training gets more serious along with my fundraising efforts, I thought it was time to give you some more information about Back on My Feet. I chose this organization for this race because I’ve seen first hand how life changing running can be. Setting a goal that is 100% within your control and working to achieve it has amazing power in other areas in your life. I’ve said before that when I am running regularly it flows into all the other parts of my life, even my dishes are cleaner when I’m running. It gives you a reason to be proud of yourself even if things are not great with your job (or job hunt) your relationships (running is a great way to build a community of positive people) or your housing status.

I have been lucky enough to have never been homeless but I know very well that it only takes a few missteps or financial setbacks to put a person in a position where their home is in jeopardy.

Back on My Feet starts with running and building community and self esteem. From there they provide financial literacy and employment resources as well as housing assistance. They have an amazing success rate because of their three step approach.

“In Next Steps, members work with BoMF program staff to develop a personal road map to independence. Each member attends financial literacy classes and job skills training provided through partnerships with our corporate partners. Members can earn financial assistance to remove barriers to employment and housing such as work supplies, transportation and security deposits. Members who achieve employment and housing become Alumni Members. Within six months of becoming a Back on My Feet Alumnus, 90% of members maintain their employment, 60% receive a wage increase and 20% achieve a promotion.”

Please check out this inspiring video from Back on My Feet:

Impact Report_Q2_2016WEBSITE copy_0.png

Please help me reach my fundraising goal by donating here: https://give.backonmyfeet.org/BRF/AmandaLea

Every time I reach my set goal– I will raise the goal $100!

[Update! $500 has been reached and surpassed! the new goal is $600. Lets see how high we can go!]

Donations of all sizes are appreciated! Every little bit helps. 🙂


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