On June 3rd I joined some of my Rugged Maniac team mates for a fun run that bills it’self as “The World’s first Running Music Festival” at the Aviator Sports & Events Center in Brooklyn. The Night Nation Run website states clearly that if you are hoping for a PR, this is probably not the race for you. That is 100% true. I wouldn’t even call this a race.

It’s more like a dance party with a 5K theme.

TBH we were not sure what the point of the race bibs were aside from being in keeping the party theme.

It was VERY LOUD and VERY FUN and even if it’s not really a race, it benefits Stand Up to Cancer!

When we arrived at Aviator Sports and checked in we got our first clue (it would have been our second clue if we had read the race description on the website) that this was not a race so much as a party. With dancing and beer in abundance it was gloriously energetic if not athletic.

The first DJ got the crowd amped up until around 8:30 when people made their way to the start corral.

In most races the big archway that says “START” is the start, so as we crossed the archway we began to run, or at least some of us did… There were a lot of people there in their glow necklaces and club kid – running attire hybrid looks. Some of us were there to run, but most were there to dance- and by dance I mean jump around with their arms up. That’s cool, that’s how I danced too. After running a short distance we came to another DJ station in a clearing and everyone stopped. Some danced while others, like myself, were a little confused. Was this a 5K? Did they mean it was a .5K? As the music picked up we decided to dance and just go with it. It was fun and for a good cause anyway.

Soon the second DJ’s began to toss out glow sticks and began to hype the crowd to get ready to run. Ohhhh, THIS is the start, that arch that said “start” was just a little premature.

Dusk fell and soon we were on our way, running past partiers in their glowing outfits on to the next DJ station where there was a bubble machine and a selfie booth and more music to enjoy.

Did I mention most people were not there to run? My friend Scott and I ran most of the first lap, walking  as we passed the three DJ booths to enjoy the spectacle and running the in between.


The weather was perfect and while it was not really what we were expecting, that was our own fault and we were having a great time. As we approached the second lap we could see the line of glow sticks and lights and costumes of the crowd moving down the course. It was strangely beautiful.

We could smell marijuana wafting over the course near the finish and Scott pointed out, “That’s how you know it’s a fun run…”

Back at the finish the after party was well underway. Time for some celebratory beers with the crew!


Soon we will be reunited for the Rugged Maniac. Expect less dancing and glow sticks and more climbing over shit and being covered in mud for that post.

So in all, I can’t say I recommend this as a race, but I DO recommend it as a fun way to spend an evening with your running friends in support of a good cause. Invite your raver friends who don’t run too! Let them know it’s not a race. It’s a fun run! 😉



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