The Race to the “Creek” 5K took place on the 4th of July to raise money for the Patuxent High Cross Country team (That was my high school 100 years ago!). When my mom sent me a link to sign up for this 5K I was excited that I would be visiting Maryland that week and could sign up for a race while I was down there. My sister Natalie, sister in law Cassidy, and my best friend Patti all signed up too.

Photo Credit: Nancy McCall aka Mom

When I asked mom why “creek” was in quotes she informed me that the creek in question was in fact Mill Creek Middle across Southern Connector Boulevard and not a little stream in the woods behind the school or something. When I was in high school no such boulevard existed and while I have obviously visited many times since its construction, it did not really hold special familiarity for me– just a road that cut across what used to be more woods. I did not realize this was the hilliest damn road you could find!

In the race description it said “Race course has some flat as well as rolling hills.” LOL “Some” rolling hills… no, it is 90% rolling hills. Maybe I’m just being dramatic but it seemed to me that the part around the parking lot was flat but the bulk of the course was a serious quad burner of ups and downs. Somehow mostly ups… Hill-a-palooza! Normally I wouldn’t be that excited about a finish time of 36 minutes but in this case I’ll make an exception and be damn proud of it… Even if little kids and old people solidly beat me. The Baltimore Half Marathon also defies logic with 90% uphill slopes so it seems like good practice.

In all this was just a super fun race and Walser should be proud. They even had technical shirts and swag bags which I was not expecting. I’ll definitely run it again next year if I’m in town.

Bonus: Some of you may know that I am a murderino. The day before the race I got a SSDGM (Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered) tattoo on the back of my arm and another murderino at the race saw it and connected with me on facebook!! There really are murderinos everywhere.


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