As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I am a huge fan of podcasts, I listen to podcasts about news and politics, podcasts about movies and representation in Hollywood and above all else, MURDER. One podcast in particular I love is My Favorite Murder because aside from being fucking amazing, the community of fans- AKA ‘Murderinos’ are the absolute best!

I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark host this conversational podcast about murder, delightfully mispronouncing the towns where these murders take place and shouting to Steven their mustachioed cat loving intern to ‘edit that out.’ They will tell you and each other all the gruesome details as they coin such classic phrases as ‘Stay sexy, don’t get murdered’ and ‘Some dick who walks up a hill in boots isn’t better than you’.  Seriously just listen.

Aside from the main MFM facebook group dozens of sub groups have popped up for people who love cats and dogs (Meowderinos, Furderinos, Pupperinos) to people who love gardening (Garderinos). There are LGBTQIA+ groups and Body Positive Murderinos. Murderino Makers exists for creative people making murder themed products. There is a parents group and a child free group, a group for people of color and local groups all over the country and the world.


So… I made one for runners!! I was afraid that it would be just me and my runner friends who tolerate my love of murder and my murder friends who tolerate my love of running, but I posted about it in the main MFM group and some of the sub groups I’m involved in and the response was amazing. We grew to over 200 members from all over the world overnight! I’m overwhelmed by how supportive and amazing this community is. I worried I would need help moderating comments but so far there have been no issues.

Runners and Murderinos are both pretty wonderful and supportive so naturally this group is full of people who are twice as wonderful and supportive as the average person. People are connecting to share their stories about close calls they’ve had while running, share tips about how to stay sexy and not get murdered on the go, and even to ask for non-murder related running advice from the community. One member created a charity miles group for us. People are finding local running / murder buddies in their areas and sharing information to help keep each other safe about incidents in their areas.

If you’re a MurderRunno please feel free to join us! MurderRunnos (Murderinos Who Run)

I got my SSDGM tattoo the day before the Race to the “Creek” 5K and met another Murderino because of it!




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