On October 1st I ran the Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction 5K along side my dear friend Lynell and 3000 other people committed to fighting the stigma that keeps so many people struggling with addiction from getting the help they need.

I’m so grateful to Lynell for suggesting this!

Shatterproof is committed to helping individuals and families affected by addiction with a focus on evidence-based solutions. They also advocate for policy change both on the state and federal level which is vital to changing the bleak landscape we currently face. Instead of throwing these people away it’s time to recognize them as human beings who are suffering.

I ran with my friend Patti in mind. We have been best friends since we were kids. She began her path toward addiction at a young age and struggled for years in a cycle of getting better and back sliding over and over. She struggled but she didn’t give up. There were times I worried she would die before she was able to get the help she needed but I knew that as long as she lived she would keep trying. I am happy to report that Patti has been in active recovery for three years now and is healthier and stronger than ever. She is a wonderful mother and an inspiration. I ran to celebrate her recovery and her perseverance. Everyone at this race ran with someone in mind. For some it was their own personal struggle, for others it was for a friend or family member. Many of us have more than one person in mind. This issue is widespread and growing. I hope we as a society can move forward to a place where we stop throwing people way. “We do recover.” as Patti would say.

Abby, Shannon, Lynell and myself enjoying the sunshine after the race!

I was able to raise over $500 for Shatterproof in less than 24 hours and I cannot express my gratitude enough to my donors.


Hilary DeCourcey

Domonique White

Amanda Rhyne

Emma Sally

Nancy McCall

Katie Barre

LEILA Spankenstein

And my two donors who chose to give anonymously

THANK YOU again for your incredible generosity.



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