Boy does time fly when you have a half marathon ahead of you. The day of the race seemed to really sneak up on me this year and now I can’t really believe how far away it seems.

Love the finish line cam.


I would like to begin this post by saying that I love Baltimore and I love the Baltimore Half Marathon and I will never ever ever do that race again. The hills man. Just… no more.

What kind of MONSTER would create a course like this?

This was my second time running the Baltimore Half Marathon and I did remember the agony of the hill situation from the first time… but not really… Mostly I remembered the crowds and the support and how happy I was. That was all still true and I did still have a great time running this race, but I think the first time I benefited greatly from not knowing what was ahead of me.

The first time I ran this race every time I would be struggling up a hill I could tell myself, “Okay, you made it, I’m sure the rest of the course will be normal and not just a series of small mountains with no downhill slopes.” But not this time. This time when I hit the first hill and the second hill I knew that the whole course would be like that. It was hard to talk myself into pushing knowing that ahead of me were more and more steep hills. The only consistent flat part of the course is no better mentally as it circles nearly a mile around a lake. You can see how far you have to go around, and you can see that at the end of the loop, is another goddamn hill. A long, steep, hill.

This one was harder for me than any I’ve done before. That said, while my time was not my best, I am happy with it and this medal is the crown jewel of my collection.



Now that I have this gorgeous medal, I am looking for a race with a nice flat course for next year. FLAT.

Aside from the hills and the beautiful medal that made it all worth it, I also am proud to say that I raised $750 for Back on My Feet! I could not have done it without the support of my friends, family, and coworkers. Every donation makes a huge difference to the people who are helped by Back on My Feet and to me personally. Truly, thank you.

I ran this brutal torture-scape with my best friend Patti. She and I have been together since we were just kids and I’ve seen her overcome struggles that many people cannot imagine. Her fight against addiction has been a roller coaster over the years and I cannot express how proud of her I am today.  Not only did she raise a bunch of money for our charity, but Patti ran this race with the names of many of our friends and loved ones who have lost their fight with addiction written on her skin to honor their humanity and loss. Some people think addicts are just criminals with no hope. But they are people and when they die without the chance to recover we as a society lose out on all their human potential. People who struggle with addiction can and do recover. Just ask Patti.


So inspiring!

Aside from her amazing story of recovery, Patti is also an inspiring runner! This was her first half marathon and she told me how nervous she was. She left it all on the field with this one finishing with the astounding time of 2:25:04! She did barf her guts out after but that is to be expected when you push that hard. I’m a fun runner, I’m never gonna push so hard that I barf. Patti is fucking serious.



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