In November I made the decision to take on the NaNoWriMo challenge which I am proud to say I completed! I wrote a (terrible!) 50,000 word novel in under 30 days. This is why you haven’t heard from me. While I still made running a priority, writing about it was impossible while I was slogging through the writing of my novel.

Now that November is complete I am excited to get back to blogging instead of novelling with this double feature post about the two races I did in November.

Race For CHiPS

On November 4th I joined community members in Brooklyn to participate in the race for CHiPs! The theme was superheroes so I was able to use my Tank Girl with a Yoga Mat Instead of a Rocket Launcher costume left over from Halloween for this race.

This race supports Community Help in Park Slope AKA CHiPS! CHiPS provides meals for community members in need and temporary housing for young mothers as well as support for finding long term housing. This was a really fun event for a great cause, not to mention it was in Prospect Park which is my favorite running route.



This is me on Halloween in the boots that really go with my costume. I wore my costume to work because my wonderful company Myriad donated $5 per person for everyone who wore pink or a costume to Susan G. Koman!

Naturally I was the first one there. This always happens; I vastly overestimate how long it will take me to get places and I end up being so early that its ridiculous. Because it was in the park I was able to walk there. That part of the park is about two miles from my house so I strolled on over. By the time I arrived I had taken off my hoodie and tied it around my waist. This was great! Sure it was chilly but I had warmed up from the walk and I was excited to run… oh… but I was an hour early… Ooops.

So being there so early I ask if I can help and they say I sure can but they didn’t really need me to do anything so my “help” was mostly just drinking coffee with the volunteers and talking about their organization. As more and more people arrived and the line grew longer and longer I could see why they ask people to come early, but I was freezing and putting my hoodie back on and wishing I had just arrived and waited in line. My bad. I can tell you though that I have not learned my lesson and I will still always be the first to arrive everywhere.

When it was time to line up we made our way over to the start all still frozen. A woman I was talking to was saying she wished she had her gloves. I did have my gloves and I offered them to her because I knew as soon as I was running I would not want them. Before I had completed the first mile I was asking myself why I had on a big dumb hoodie. When my Garmin buzzed to let me know I had hit mile 1 I took the opportunity to slow to a walk while I took off that hoodie to tie around my waist. I was warm now and I was feeling pretty good! I finished in 32:50 and I felt pretty strong.


I knew one of the MurderRunno’s from my Facebook group would be there but I didn’t find her until after the race. We met up for a Bloody at Side Car with another friend of mine.

I met one of the MurderRunnos from our facebook group IRL for the first time!


Project Echo Turkey Trot

As Thanksgiving approached I suddenly realized I signed up for a Turkey Trot with my friend Patti! I sent a message to my sister about it and she and my sister in law signed up too. We decided we were not going to do fundraising for this one since it was only a week away, but then suddenly my sister informed me that we were going to do fundraising and we were on a team! Okay! What should we be called? We decided to call ourselves the Night Witches after the female Soviet fighter pilots of WW2 who frightened the Nazi’s with their deadly night moves. We raised about $100 of mostly our own money and we were glad to do it. Project Echo provides emergency shelter for our homeless neighbors and support for permanent shared living programs and Oxford Houses in Calvert County.

Our group shot was not the most flattering picture of me and its my blog so here are our Night Witch Knees.

When I arrived in Maryland at the start of the Thanksgiving week I was not sick. I always have watery eyes and a scratchy throat when I visit because of the dogs and cats and trees and general woodsiness of my town. I have cats in Brooklyn too but I guess I’m used to them. Anyway, between my allergies and the heat being on in the house when I woke up with a scratchy throat on Wednesday I didn’t think I was sick. I took some Benadryl and went on with my day working remotely and then getting a haircut after. In the morning on Thursday though, it was clear to me that this was not allergies, I was in fact sick. Just a little. Not the end of the world, but my nose was stuffy and my throat hurt and I had that unfortunate cold feeling behind my eyes that always marks an actual illness. This was not going to stop me from running, but it might slow me down a little.


The crowd was so impressive! I couldn’t believe how many people came out to run this race on this grey Thanksgiving Morning. When we got started I started my Garmin as a crossed the start, at about .77 I looked at my pace and somehow restarted the damn thing. So using my watch to guage my pace was not going to work out so well but I knew when it said one mile I was at a little more than a mile and .77. This course featured rolling hills and two out and back stretches of road. I wonder if it was my stuffy nose or the hills or if it was just not my day but my finish time was 35:36. I do not consider this a bad time; this time last year I would have been happy with a 42 minute time. That said, my 5k time has consistently been under 35 minutes, and closer to 30 for most runs for the past few months. I don’t want to be losing speed now. Then again, whatever. I had a really fun race and once again got to meet up with another MurderRunno IRL!



After the race my team went to Bob Evans to enjoy some pancakes with my favorite MurderRunno Mandy. We figure if we start the day with a 5k we can have pancakes before we head home to spend the day eating Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

MurderRunno Mandy!!

Later we got home and I noticed my brother’s girlfriend had posted this delightful meme on her facebook page:


So sorry to hear about your breakup… Awkward…



(JK she’s great even if she doesn’t run)
So that was November. Now with December underway and my “novel” no longer taking up all my time I am planning out some exciting posts for the new year. — More on that soon with my annual resolution recap and new goals for the new year!


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