So the time has come for my yearly assessment of how I did with my resolutions for the year. As always I’ll go through one by one and see how I did; in the past I’ve separated the recap and the new goals into two posts but for 2018 I want to change things up a bit so I’m combining the posts and I’ll be brief in my recap.

Fist things first, the year in review.

  • Half Marathon- 
    • The Goal: Run the Baltimore Half Marathon and raise money for Back on My Feet!
    • How I did: I finished in 2:42 and raised over $800 for my charity!
  • Blog-
    • The Goal: More art posts and product reviews, posts about mini challenges.
    • How I did: I managed to do exactly one art post and 0 product reviews but I did post some mini challenges and plenty of race reviews.
  • 5Ks, Obstacle Races, Other distances-
    • The Goal: Run a bunch of 5ks and raise money for charity while doing it!
    • How I did: I ran a lot of great races and raised money for the following organizations doing so: Back on My Feet, The Stephen Siller Foundation, Shatterproof, Project Echo!
  • Weight Loss-
    • The Goal: NONE!!
    • How I did: Well, I’m starting the year at 200 lbs which I’m not crying about but I do feel this year it’s time to set a solid goal and actually accomplish it.

2017 went by fast, in part because everything that sucked about 2016 seemed amplified. I know many people struggled with all the bad news, myself included, but I tried to cope in productive ways, including getting into volunteering and committing to a serious work out regiment. I’ve tried to keep the resolutions and goals I list here to strictly running and blog related things in the past, but this year I’ve decided to go ahead and write out all my goals here. I truly believe that Running is connected to everything from my ability to keep my house clean to my career success so I’m expanding the scope.

2018 Goals:

Run At Least One Race a Month

I’m ringing in the new year with a 4 mile race in Central Park at midnight! This race with the NYCRR will begin my January Run Streak and my year long commitment to run a race a month. I’ve already signed up for the NYCRUNS COCOA CLASSIC 5k for my February race and I’m on the lookout for a fun one in March (preferably for a good cause).

In the past I have run strictly 5ks and then one half marathon a year, but this year I want to run some other distances. I think this 4 miler will be a great way to start. The past year I have also been doing a lot of cross training with boxing, cycling and yoga and that is going to continue, but I want to refocus back on running. The only way to be a better runner is to run. I am going to get stronger and faster and this year I am going to take tracking time and distance seriously. A friend of mine asked me how many miles I ran this year and I had to say that I have no idea. So this year, I am going to keep track of my miles and then next year I am going to beat that number.

For my January Run Streak, I’ll run at least a mile a day and do a brief post about it each day. This will help me get back to running after sitting around so much in December and will help me get back in the habit of blogging after trudging through a NaNoWriMo novel in November while neglecting my readers.

My first post on January 1st will be a race recap and recovery post while I spend the day soaking in my bathtub thawing out.

I intended to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Brooklyn in the fall, but I discovered that they do not plan to return to Brooklyn in 2018, so I’m not sure what I’ll do for a half this year. I am open to suggestions for an NYC half in the fall, preferably with a nice flat course, for a good cause I can raise money for.



Lose 40 lbs / Actually Talk to a Doctor About My Goals

In the past I have been resistant to declaring a weight loss goal because I want this to be a body positive space about what we can do not what we can lose. So what’s changed? Well, at this point I’ll be beginning 2018 at 200 lbs and while I know there is more to health than BMI and muscle weighs more than fat and all that, the fact of the matter is that I would be a better runner with a little less junk in the trunk.

Do I want to look better? Yeah, I am a modern woman who faces all the same societal pressures you do, but that is not my primary motivation here. My BP and everything seems to be fine every time I get a physical, but I know I could achieve more and get healthier if I put my mind to it. On top of that my back and shoulders hurt from the weight of this DDD shelf I carry around on my chest.

I have a physical scheduled for the first week of January and I plan to talk to my doctor about nutrition and weight loss and come up with a real plan. I also have a consultation with a surgeon to discuss breast reduction. It’s way too complicated to support these big stupid boobs, so if I can’t lose the weight to reduce them, I am going to reduce them surgically and take back control. Every woman I know who has had a reduction says it’s the best decision she’s ever made.



My friend Rob used to volunteer all the time. Every time you asked him about his plans for the weekend it would be teaching kids to read or working a soup kitchen or food distribution to the homeless. He always invited me to join him with this meetup that handed out PB&J’s to our homeless neighbors but I never took him up on it because it started at 9 pm on a Sunday in the Lower East Side. I generally prefer to go to bed around that time and did not want to be starting anything that late. But then in October Rob passed away suddenly. He was 31.

To memorialize him I decided to gather some other friends who knew him and who also had always turned down these invitations, and go do this meetup that he used to love so much. We RSVP’d to the 10,000 PB&J meetup and I sent the organizer a note about Rob and why we were joining. He responded saying this:

Thank you for your note. A mutual friend contacted me on Sunday to let me know, unfortunately. I didn’t know Rob outside of our Meetups but I was always happy to see him and he certainly made my job as organizer easier- I could count on him to show up if he rsvped. Because he could handle himself and protect his teammates if necessary we seldom worked together- he made too good a team lead. The one occasion I do recall working with him was a freezing Sunday night in Harlem. It had to be 10 degrees out with bitter windchill and we spotted a confused older gentleman dressed in a tshirt suffering from hypothermia among other ailments. We dressed him in our clothes while we waited for an ambulance to arrive- I’m positive he would have died that night if not for our chance encounter. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the 15th. Honoring Rob by loving on others is a beautiful gesture. Thank you!

What a guy. That night, with his other friends Kristine and LeeAnn, we handed out sandwiches made with care and love along with toiletries and warm clothing to people in need around our city. This is direct outreach, approaching people where they are to ask what they need and provide what we can.  By the time I got home I had over 40k steps on my Garmin!


Since then I’ve gone back again and again and in 2018 I intend to continue my commitment to this group and to my community here in New York.

I encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering either for food prep in White Plains or distribution in the city to RSVP.

Get My Financial House in Order

Basically I would like to get to the point where I am saving more money and not doing math all day about everything I want to buy. If my cat needs a vet visit I don’t want to be blown out of the water.

Draw More

Did you all know I have an Art blog at where I post art and poetry? No? Well that is because I don’t update it much. I’m giving myself an assignment to illustrate every haiku on that blog and repost.

2017 Running in Photos:





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