Good morning and Happy New Year!

The Streak:

As some of you may remember I’ve committed to a Run Streak for January. This means that I’ll be running at least 1 mile every day and doing a short post about it here for #accountability! For those of you who have decided to participate please share your run details in the comments!

I’ll be including the following: How far? How fast? Where did I run? How did it feel?

For me, it must be at least a mile and it must be RUNNING, however everyone who wishes to participate should set whatever rules work for them. If you want to set your rules to include other workouts or other mileage please feel free!

DAY 1: Midnight Run!

On New Year’s Eve in years past my plans generally included getting dressed up and going to various parties at various bars. While I cherish some of those memories, generally the evening would end with drinking too much cheap “champagne” and waking up the next day feeling hungover and possibly regretting making out with some person I shouldn’t have to start the year.

This year I made a different choice. This year I decided the party I would attend would be a 4 mile race in Central Park hosted by the New York Road Runners. The pre-race party featured face painting and music and lights and a bunch of runners dancing to keep warm.

With the ‘feels like’ temperature at -1° F and the actual temp at around 9° F most everyone wore a covering over their nose and mouth making us all look very mysterious. I was very worried about the cold for this race, everyone kept saying I was crazy to do this (Even Scott, the only one who agreed to join me!) and I was starting to believe them. I wore Underarmor leg warmers under fleece lined leggings, under sweat pants, under track pants, three pairs of socks, two long sleeve tech shirts, a down vest, a hoodie, and my face guard, hat and coat. Waiting for the race to start I wished I had worn even more, but once the race began I was not even through with my first mile before my gloves were off and my face guard down and I was wishing that I had checked my coat. It wasn’t the end of the world to have a little too much on, but it would have been the end of the world to have not enough on, so I feel like I did pretty well on my outfit.

FYI my face is painted under there!

3988 runners gathered together in the freezing cold to celebrate the new year together and run this race. The crowd was pretty amazing and I am always impressed when a race of this size goes over so smoothly. We were in corral K and there seemed to be as many people behind us as ahead of us.

Waiting for midnight in our corral.

The race began with fireworks at midnight after a countdown to 2018! The fireworks were beautiful although they were so close it added an element of danger to the start of the race. You could see fiery plumbs hitting the ground trailing sparks and smoking out on the frozen pavement. I assume they knew what they were doing but I certainly picked up the pace at the start to put some distance between myself and the display.

It really was beautiful though. I do love fireworks.


The first two miles I felt like I was at a speedier pace than I usually would be for those conditions. The adrenaline of the crown seemed to carry me easily to the half way point but then as the crowed slowed for the aid station I lost momentum. I did not stop for water at that point, but I did slow down as this is the point where the hills began to get to me a bit. Knowing I was already more than half way did help me get back in the groove though. As I mentioned in my last post I mostly do 5k’s so I worried that I might find the extra mile discouraging. That did not turn out to be the case as knowing that at 2 miles I was half way there and at 3 miles I had only one little ol’ mile left I felt strong and confident I could finish strong. I think I’ll make a point to seek out more 4 milers this year.

I finished this race with a chip time of 0:46:53 (My Garmin had me only a few seconds longer).


After the race as we walked over the the subway I realized that my hat had frozen to the sweat in my hair. This cold was no joke. When I got home I took the best hot shower of my LIFE and went to bed around 3 am. Today I feel a little sore, and proud and not hungover. It’s a pretty great way to start a new year and a new Run Streak. I’ll be making this a new tradition.

I’ll let you know how I manage to get my run in for day 2 of my streak tomorrow!


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