This morning I got up early to prepare for day 2 of my January Run Streak. My plan was to run from my home to my subway stop (+ an extra loop on one block) then get on the train at my usual time and change clothes at the office. During this streak I will very likely do some of my miles after work or during lunch time, but today I knew I wouldn’t have the time as I have yoga and then a film club meeting after work.

I got out the door nice and early and took off directly, without warming up, with my backpack on my back with everything I needed for the day. I considered going further but in the cold I just didn’t feel the motivation. The cold fighting magic from the NYE race just wasn’t there without the fireworks and with the work day ahead of me. Still, I did it and I felt pretty good about it.

Contents: 1 ltr water bottle, 20 oz hot tea, two shirts, two notebooks, and a bunch of makeup.

Unfortunately after the run I went to get on the subway at my usual time and one, two, three B trains came and went without a single Q… Finally I got on the fifth B that arrived and accepted that I would just have to transfer (I hate to transfer, I don’t know why, I just do.). Turns out there was no need to get up early to have accomplished this after all. Oh well!


Tomorrow my plan is to run after yoga after work. I’ll still have my backpack on but hopefully the yoga will have me loose and limber and I’ll feel a little better at the end knowing I can just climb into a hot shower and then bed.

Let me know how all of you are doing so far with your streaks in the comments!


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