After yesterday’s struggle I will admit that I was dreading today’s run. I said yesterday my plan was to run after yoga, but I wasn’t just dreading the run, I was dreading the whole day. After a night of poor sleep disrupted by a work nightmare in which my company decided to pivot away from cyber securities to become a JoAnn Fabric and lay off everyone who can’t sew, I decided it would be best to work from home and cancel my yoga plans.

Today I did my mile at lunch time around my neighborhood concluding with a stop at CVS to pick up cat food for the coming snow bomb. Yesterday my mile felt like a slog, but today, having chosen to be kind to myself in the morning, my run came easily and felt steady and strong. I felt good today. Not to mention it was a balmy 25° F which felt like a summer day compared to how it’s been / is about to be.

Seen on today’s run:

This mysterious trash bag taped off with ‘Fire Line’ tape!

What could be in this trash bag that is important enough the authorities decided to tape it off  from the public, but not so important that anyone is actually here to monitor the situation?


Faster than yesterday baby! 


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