Today was a good run, just a little over a mile. It felt good and I hit the grocery store after to stock up on spinach and seltzer water.

Setting the minimum at just a mile has been really important to me in making this challenge a fun way to renew my running habit rather than a chore that sucks the joy out of running. Even when I don’t want to go, when I’m warm in my apartment or I’m just coming home from a day of a lot of activity and I feel like I should get to just sit around, the fact that all I have to do is a mile, which best case scenario only takes 10 minutes, worst case scenario 15 minutes, I just can’t say no. And then I do it, and then it’s done, and I feel good and proud.

Getting dressed and getting out the door is hard. Running is easy.


Remembering that running is easy while you’re trying to get out the door is hard too…


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