I was tired this morning but I got up and felt pretty good. I knew with such a late night helping our neighbors in need with 10,000 PB&J’s that I was not going to wake up in time to run, shower, and get to work looking decent. Not to mention I absolutely refuse to dry my hair. So in cold weather, showering in the morning is a super no go. I cannot have frozen hair on the way to the subway to go to my very cold office and be damp and shivering until I die… SO, for a number of reasons, morning running is not a thing I am going to do.

I was expecting bad weather in the evening based on someone else reading a google weather report. My friend told me over chat there would be freezing rain so I cancelled my dinner plans. I was stressed about the time anyway and the idea that I would have to run in freezing rain after dinner was enough for me to call it. Maybe I just wanted to cancel anyway because the weather turned out to be fine.

I went to yoga and it was just what I needed. I left feeling limber and warm and relieved to be going straight home. I ran from the subway to my home taking an extra block to make sure I hit the 1 mile mark and I had delicious dinner I made for myself with healthy ingredients.

Home sweet home.


Tomorrow I’ll do it all again except I’ll be posting a little late as I’ll be going to Terror Tuesday at the Alamo to see Ginger Snaps with my friend Nora. Sorry in advance for showing up to the movies all sweaty Nora. Love you. ❤


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