So my dear friend Savannah is coming to visit tomorrow and because of that I decided I needed to cancel yoga and go straight home so I could do some last minute cleaning up, go to the grocery store and buy half and half so she can have her coffee the way she likes, do a total change out of the kitty litter so it’s as fresh as possible for her arrival. We’ve been friends for 22 years by our calculations.

We look exactly the same.

Anyway after all this time I am not worried about dishes in the sink when she gets here, but I want to make sure she has everything she needs to be comfortable and happy. I’m very excited to see her tomorrow.

Anyway I got home from work and was on the phone with my mom yapping away about my day at work and trying to clean the kitchen but not really cleaning much at all and suddenly I interrupted myself mid sentence to exclaim “I HAVEN’T RUN YET!” and told mom I’d call her back.

Over the past 10 days there have been times (Like the snow bomb day) where it is unlikely I would have run if it were not for this challenge. Having told people on the internet (Looking at you MurderRunnos <3) that I was doing this was enough to make me run, and to make me WANT to run. I have even entertained the idea of keeping this streak going… um.. forever?

But sitting on my bed putting my running clothes on after hanging up on mom I thought to myself, this would be the first day I didn’t run if I hadn’t announced that I would run… I wanted to get back to prepping my home for my guest or sit down on the couch and watch The Office on Netflix. I did not want to slide on my stretch pants and put shoes on again.

I did though.


It only took 11 minutes. It was fun. When I was done, I had more energy and actually did the dishes instead of just standing in the kitchen frowning at them while chatting with my mother.

If you’re feeling crabby and tired and like you have too much shit to do to make time to run… just do a mile. Maybe I sound like a broken record, but it’s become my mantra. My mantra is there to give me strength as I repeat it again and again.

It’s hardly any time and you will feel better when you’re done than when you started and you will get that shit done that you thought was gonna take up so much time. Far out brussels sprout.

Just get out there. Run. It’s only a mile.



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