So with Savannah arriving at 6:30 in Port Authority I left work at 5 pm and decided the obvious solution was to run my mile in the direction of the bus station. Port Authority is 1.5 miles from my office, and I figured if I felt like it I’d run all the way, and if I didn’t then I’d stop when the watch said I’d hit the mile. Running around my neighborhood I just turn and cross streets whenever the light is with me, but running with an actual destination in mind I didn’t want to take turns just because I didn’t have a walk signal. Between dodging other pedestrians and traffic I decided today would not be the day I extended past a mile.

I took off with my backpack on my back. I’ve done several runs with that backpack on since I started this and I’ve only noted the contents once when it was particularly heavy. This time, again I’ll note the contents because the weight was significant.

Backpack: Dr. Martens boots, full liter nalgene bottle, full 20 oz thermos, 2 cans catfood, hat, shirt, gloves, bananas, makeup, wallet.


The run felt pretty good even with the pack on my back but I wished I didn’t have a coat on and I wished there were not so many people on the sidewalk. It was a little frustrating jumping around people but I still enjoyed the run. My Garmin said a mile, and I stopped. Strava says .9, but fuck that, Garmin said it was a mile and I’m going with Garmin.


Once I arrived at the station and met Savannah I was so happy to see her, and happier still once we arrived at our next destination, Midwood Flats, my favorite restaurant in my neighborhood. We both had a Cajun club and  I gave her my bacon. Now we’re here in my apartment watching Blackfish with the cats and I’m so happy she’s here.


Tomorrow is another big day. I’ll fill you all in on the run and the fun then!


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