Today I got up for my run and found that the weather had turned cold again. Not as cold as before, but compared to yesterday’s 60 degrees it felt significantly worse. I got out there and started pretty strong but soon found that my shins were aching. Shin splints are no joke so I take any shin discomfort very seriously. I focused more on my form, shortening my stride and turning my feet over faster, being careful of how my feet landed.


I made the decision that tomorrow I’ll wait to run til a bit later in the day. I’ll be dropping Savannah off at the bus station in the morning anyway, so I’m hoping that putting a little extra time between today’s run and tomorrows and having a little activity before the run will help keep me a little looser than today.

Savannah and I walked A LOT yesterday and then finished the day with some yoga. Today we took it easy with far less walking. We shopped a bit and saw The Shape of Water and headed on back to my place to watch Robin Hood Men in Tights.



Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully with some rest and a later run my shins will feel better. I’ll conclude the night with a nice salt soak and see how things go.



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  1. So pumped and proud of your streak, Amanda. Your determination is getting me revved….for what, I don’t know just yet, however it’s the inspiration that counts. Thanks lady!

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