Today I got up and checked out my cat’s tooth that’s been showing signs of trouble. There could be no more putting it off. He is so proud of his fang, but the lower canine looks pretty bad. I scheduled an appointment with the vet for the next available time on their website and noted that I would appreciate if they could see us sooner. This appointment would be for them to take a look at him and draw some blood although I already knew they would say the tooth had to go.

My baby loves me, I’m so happy. Happy makes me a modern girl. 

This morning was also the end of Savannah’s trip, so we gathered her things and headed off to the bus station. While waiting for the train I received an email from the vet and was able to move the appointment to this afternoon. I couldn’t find my cat carrier anywhere that morning and had dashed downstairs to borrow one from a neighbor, but I knew it was too small and I was feeling very stressed about the whole situation. Once at the bus station I stayed with Savannah until the time her bus was to depart but it was delayed. She could see how preoccupied about my cat I was and let me off the hook telling me to go. We hugged and said our goodbyes, I wanted to stay longer to see her get on the bus but I also had to get back home to focus on this cat situation. I love her so. Savannah is a wonderful friend and I wish she were still here.

Once home I searched for the carrier. Nowhere. I checked out the borrowed one and saw that it was impossible. Luke is a big cat. Practically a panther. There was no goddamn way I could squeeze him in there. So I ran out to the overpriced pet store and bought the biggest one they had… which was also a little too small, but not impossible. I was almost back home when I suddenly realized that my carrier was in the trunk I use as a coffee table. Of course. Oh well. I am keeping the carrier. I have two cats, and Annie fits in there just fine, so I should have two carriers anyway just in case.

I left early figuring there might be paperwork; there wasn’t but they were able to see me right away. They said that I had not failed as a cat mom, and that this issue is not that uncommon in cats his age. They said Luke is a sweet old man and were very impressed with how gentle he is. Luke has always been a gentle boy. On Thursday they’ll take out the bad tooth and he’ll be good as new… well… good enough anyway.

I got home and running was the last thing on my mind. I almost forgot. I had begun to draw a bath when suddenly I remembered! I stopped the water and put on my stretch pants and my vest and went out to run.

My shins did not hurt today. I felt weighed down with my thoughts at first but soon I was just running listening to Sleeter Kinny and allowing myself to feel some relief that the tooth extraction was scheduled and tomorrow would be the start of another week of working at a job I love, doing yoga with my friend Erin, and a film club meeting discussing a topic that I am excited about.


I finished the run and bought some soft canned food for my boy to eat while we wait for extraction time. Everything is fine this evening. I ran and I am ready for the week.


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