Every new day there are reasons not to run. I feel stressed out about work. The future is uncertain and I am afraid. I did yoga, so I’ve earned a break. I’m tired and it’s cold. I am very busy and don’t know where I am going to find the time. I cannot keep up with my laundry if I am going to be this sweaty every day. I am worried about money. I ate too much at lunch and feel heavy and sluggish. I did not eat enough at lunch and don’t have the energy. I have a headache. I’m sad.

There are reasons every day not to run.

Another perspective is that these are all reasons that I should run.

Running helps me to manage stress and clear my mind. Yoga, boxing, spin class, all these classes help me with stress too and clear my mind too, but in the context of a class, I am taking instruction and pushing through at the urging of an instructor. I almost feel like I’ve gotten on a roller coaster, strapped in, along for the ride.

In a class I am relinquishing control.

When I’m running, I am in control of my pace and breathing and most importantly, when I stop. I gave myself this challenge to run at least a mile a day every day in January, and to sign up for and run at least one race every month. No one much cares if I go straight home from work and eat pizza or if I spend every weekend on my couch alone drinking too much wine and binge watching Netflix. If I don’t go out to run no one charges me a cancellation fee. I run alone, so really, no one even knows if I don’t tell them.

Choosing to go for a run is often not easy for me but it is important to me. When I choose to go for a run I am proud of just getting out the door. I am proud of the distance even if it is only a mile. I choose every step.

Running is a priority because I am committed to making choices that are in line with my highest self even when it is not easy.

You are what you do. Make choices that reflect the person you want to be. Be the person who does the things you want to do.



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