Today at work we were offered complimentary 10 minute massages and a rep from Crunch was in to remind us about our corporate discount. I used to have a membership with Crunch and I was pretty happy with it until I signed up for Class Pass. Class Pass showed me the light. While I described the empowerment I feel when I run because of the self determined nature of running in my post last night, when it comes to workouts that are not running… well… my will power is not enough to make me do a good job. I have fallen in love with yoga and boxing and spin and I have class pass to thank for that. With that said, they were offering the rest of January for free if we signed up again and I can totally cancel February 1st. So I signed up again with exactly that intention.

So far I’ve done this challenge entirely outside, often with a heavy backpack on and I’ve worn workout gear on days when I might otherwise have dressed differently or run in clothing that I would not generally run in, all in order to fit running in. I am STOKED for this opportunity to hit the gym and run on a treadmill and shower and change at lunch time, or after work, or before work. Some miles will still be road miles, but I am so relieved this deal came along for the second half of this challenge.

Tonight I ran with the heavy backpack again. I’ll spare you repeating the list of contents from other nights I ran with the weight. After work I went to yoga with my friend Erin. Deb was teaching the class and she worked some kind of magic on us. She truly is a yoga mermaid. After yoga I dashed off to film club. In retrospect, The Brazen Fox is 0.7 miles from the yoga studio, so I perhaps should have run from yoga to film club and just done an extra loop to make the mile. Oh well, I didn’t think of it.

I ordered a shaved brussels sprout salad and two glasses of rose. It was lovely and the conversation was lively and fun. After our meeting I hopped on the train and headed home. I got off the train and it was time to run. I looped around the block where I got off the train and went up and down a block early in the run. I find that loops that don’t take me closer to home and out and back blocks are more of a bummer at the end of a run when I am close to my home and my shower and my bed. Knocking out the extra distance at the start of the run felt a lot better. Once I knew I had covered enough distance that I could run home as directly as the traffic lights and city blocks would allow it was easier to push on through. It was a good run.


It was even better getting home though.



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