Today after work I did Monster Cycle. It was an intense 45 minute ride and I felt pretty amazing… I also wished that I had set cycling days as an exception for run days. It is all legs after all… oh and weights… there is a weight section in the middle.


After Monster I headed to Crunch to and did my first treadmill run for this streak.

I had forgotten how confused and self conscious I feel just trying to turn on a damn treadmill. I stepped on one and pushed a bunch of buttons and nothing happened. I saw another one that already had lights on and something on the display. I gave up on the dark unresponsive one and moved to the one with the lights. I started it and then stopped it because it said 3.2 miles already. I hit the reset button and started my Garmin and then started up the treadmill again. There I was running and running and then I see the damn thing still says 3.whatever miles on it from the person before me. I stopped it again and pushed a bunch of buttons and felt confused all the while my Garmin still going. Then finally I made it work. 0 miles on the display and I was ready to go. I set a 10 minute mile pace and ran… til about .5 and then I slowed it to an 11 minute mile pace where I’m more comfortable.

In all I have no idea how long it took me for a treadmill mile and I can say it was certainly mentally tougher than road running. Even with a backpack on, in the cold weather, wearing my regular coat that I would prefer not to be sweating into, with traffic to consider, I still feel better running outside.


Either way, Day 17, Done.


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