Today was another treadmill day. I’m pretty tired; yesterday was a jam packed day.

I went to see Ladybird in the afternoon. It made me cry at one point. There were parts that were very moving although it kind of lost me again with the ending. In the evening I went to see Company XIV with some friends. It was amazing as always.

Whenever I see these performers I always feel like I need to do more yoga.

I’ve been feeling very sad about my cats not getting along after Luke’s tooth extraction. For the past few days I’ve had to keep them separated or they would fight and fight. It was awful. They used to be best friends so to see them fighting like that just broke my heart.

I am happy to report that today I was able to open the door and let them in the same room. They are not the snuggle bugs they were before but this seems to be a big step in the right direction.

Someday they’ll be like this again. Someday.


  1. It’s actually him that is the problem. He hisses at her any time he sees her. Today they are still not friends although I did get them to eat from the same bowl for like a minute before I had to separate them again.


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