Wow. I so did not want to run today. My shins were so tight this morning I was worried I would have to end my streak early. Then I was a little hopeful that I would have to end my streak early…

I was feeling so sad today about my cats not getting along. They are still hissing at each other but the major fighting seems to have stopped. Even so, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them together with all the hissing. I left them separated during the day and just felt this cloud hanging over me all day. My legs felt heavy and I think my emotions about the cat strife in my home had to do with it.

I headed over to yoga after work and I felt so much better. Looser, lighter, just generally better… I was still feeling down about the cats but I knew I was still going to run and that the streak was not over. Thanks Felipe. Love and light.


I got off the train and I ran. I paid careful attention to my stride. If my shins hurt I would stop. Somehow they didn’t hurt. They hurt all day until yoga and then I could run.

I ran to the grocery store but when I hit that block it wasn’t quite a mile so I kept on past it until my watch told me I could stop. When I turned around I walked the other way past a lady I had run by and she stopped to ask if I was okay. I guess she thought I was running from someone. But I told her my time and she gave me a high five and said ‘Go girl!’ and that was just lovely.



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