What a roller coaster! Yesterday is a distant nightmare and today was a great day. My professional fears have been alleviated and I had a massage after work. I bought this feliway stuff on the recommendation of someone in the Meowderino MFM facebook group and I sprayed it all over my apartment. I can’t say there has been no hissing since… but it has been far, far, better. I woke up today thinking yesterday was just a bad dream, and by the end of the day… it’s kind of like it was.

After work I got on the train and then I ran home from there, taking the extra blocks to fill out the mile. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could call my parents but I ran slowly and took my time and was careful not to pound my shins. I feel good.


So now it’s time to use that ol’ foam roller and shower. Tomorrow is another day.


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