For day 25 of my run streak it was a real struggle getting the run in. I made plans to see Josephine: a Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play in the evening with my friend India after work so I planned another run home from the subway.  I was tired and my heart wasn’t in it, but I started my watch and ran, then midway through the run, attempting to check my distance, I accidentally restarted it and lost the first half so I just gave up on tracking it. I know the route, I know where I need to run to make it a mile now. It was slow and clunky and I didn’t record it, but I made day 25 happen. It is pretty neat how naturally I can gauge distance on foot now.

For day 26 the plan was to run after work and post about 25 and 26 together. Around 2 pm I started feeling the first signs of a migraine aura. The light from my windows seemed impossibly cruel and bright and I felt strange and sensitive and nauseous. I popped a couple Excedrin migraine and my head felt a lot better at first. That stuff is kind of magical but unfortunately it only delayed the headache. After work I shut off all the lights and laid on the floor. I slept on the floor all night. Day 26 was never gonna happen. I felt guilt for interrupting the streak but it was impossible to run in that state.

So what of the streak? Well, I made up the rules for this streak- at least a mile, every day, spin class doesn’t count, must be running. So, I can make up a new rule now. Because I had to skip January 26th and did a kind of bad job on the 25th, I am giving myself two penalty days.

That means February 1st and 2nd I’ll keep the streak up, and since I’m doing the Cocoa Classic 5k on the 3rd anyway that will be the real end of this challenge.

Today I felt a lot better and it is just beautiful outside. I ran gently enjoying the fresh air and forgiving myself for being human and pausing a streak.

I’ve decided to call this day 26 even if I should technically call it day 1. You just can’t plan for a migraine like that. I challenge myself to run to improve my health and self-respect, so if I’m not well then I need to have respect for the signals from my body. Day 26.



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