Hello gentle readers! Today was a great day. One of my most respected yoga instructors told me that I am a ray of light, and then I went on back to Brooklyn to run and set a great fucking PR! I shaved a full minute off my best time this month!!

Much of my running has been around my neighborhood where I need to slow my pace to assess traffic at every intersection. Even running only whatever direction I have the light I still need to slow my pace enough to make sure no bikes or cars are speeding forward trying to catch the yellow even if it means running a red and crushing me. That is why I decided today I would get off a stop early and run in the park even though it was after sun down. I was not the only runner out there and I decided it couldn’t be THAT dangerous. It’s Prospect Park… not the forest… On top of that this would be downhill most of the way. Today I set out to PR and I did.

Fuck yeah. FUCK. YEAH.

That is a full minute better than my best time this month. 

Today I feel proud and I can’t wait for tomorrow.



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