You know when you have a pair of stretch pants that don’t fit right and you always mean to take them out of rotation, but then you take them off and forget, and somehow they end up mixed in with the laundry? And then every time you put on a pair of black stretch pants it’s like Russian roulette; are these are the fucked up ones that always somehow cause your underpants to ride down inside them? They ride down all day and pull your underpants down too but you pull them up and your underpants don’t come back up with them… Yeah, that sucks.

So anyway, today was the day I put on those dumb pants and spent the whole day pulling them back up and heading to the bathroom to fix my underpants. Regular day to day activity isn’t so bad, but running in them… well. I’ll spare you the details but if whatever you’re imagining made you laugh out loud, then you got it.

So on the heels of last nights PR, I feel alright about this full moon run trying to keep my own moon covered.


And I finally put those pants in the trash!



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