WOOOOO!!! This is it. I made it. Barring one mulligan for a migraine I have run every day this year. Tomorrow will be a true day of rest. I’ll take a long hot bubble bath with an earth bomb and the Love Lettuce face mask from Lush. I might even shave one of my legs… maybe both! Who knows!? I’ll enjoy a homemade margarita ice creme pie my neighbor was sweet enough to give me and do some restorative yoga… just savasena all day.

Yesterday I didn’t post about my run, but in truth it was a hard day for me. I made the time to run but I just couldn’t write anything.


I told my mom I was not going to run. ‘No one even cares, why should I if I really don’t want to…’ But even as I was saying that I was putting my shoes on. ‘Gotta go mom, I’ll call you back in 11 minutes.’

Today was a new day. The things from yesterday I struggled to put out of my mind but I put on the Notorious RBG audiobook and headed off to Harlem to run the final 5k of this streak. By the way, if you’re having trouble cheering up in these trying times and need something uplifting to engage with I cannot recommend Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg enough. I’ll also admit to feeling a little sad that I didn’t have a friend to run this one with me. I like doing things alone, but I guess I was looking for something to fret about. Lucky for me I have a dear friend who lives up there to have brunch with. While she is not interested in getting up early and running in the freezing cold along the Hudson River (she likes spring and fall 5ks, but winter and summer are a no go), she is totally down for brunch after. Between my audiobook and my brunch plans I was ready to snap out of my funk and run this race.

I arrived around 8 am for the 9 am start of the race. I am always early. Even with temps in the teens I am early. Picking up my bib took about 5 minutes so I had an hour to go… it was cold… Standing around as the runners amassed near the start, all of us jumping and jogging in place to keep warm, we waited for 9 am. My toes were numb and so was my face and so, even, was my butt, but when it was time to run I forgot about my sorrows from earlier and my frozen toes and lips and butt and I got moving and ran.

They hit us with a pretty steep hill right off the bat and kept them coming throughout the race. This course was described as “challenging” on the NYCRUNS website, so we all know what that means. Hills hills hills. Right on. I had this race under control, my numb ass propelling me up and down those hills.

I finished in 33:35 according to Garmin. Still awaiting the chip time, but I feel pretty confident in Garmin.


For all that running I walked away with a cup of slushy icy water, a wonderful cup of hot cocoa, and my new favorite mug:

Totally worth it. 


What was I moping about this morning? Who even cares. I finished this 5k and this streak and I felt a lot of love today from the people in my my life.

Tomorrow I have the day off. Monday and Tuesday I’ve got yoga, and Friday I’ve got another run scheduled. I can fit it in.

So what did I learn from this streak?

  • A priority is something you choose to make time for regardless of what else is on your plate. There are 24 hours in every day. You cannot compromise on sleep or you will pay dearly. Work is a priority too… Jim Collins says if you have more than three priorities you don’t have any. So, sleep, work, and running. Everything else is a compromise. I can do yoga and run in the same day, but I cannot do a spin class or a boxing class and run in the same day and still operate at full capacity. Balance is important. You can have changing priorities from day to day if you’re not doing a streak.
  • I cannot keep up with laundry if I am going to be this sweaty every day.
  • I hate making time to run, getting dressed to run, walking out the door to run… but I love running. While most of my workout classes have the effect of clearing my mind of any thoughts for 45 to 90 minutes, a run has the effect of granting me clarity of thought for however long I’m out there. By the time I’m home and showered I’ve solved it. Whatever it is that was troubling me, I will know how best to proceed at the end of my run. Even if all that means is accepting that some things are just not within my control.
  • Some things are just not within my control. Or, to rephrase, I don’t have to control everything.






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  1. Congratulations on finishing strong! You ran through emotions and time constraints and bitter weather, good days and bad, you persevered. It was inspirational. And, we care. M&D


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