#RunStreak Days 32 / 7 & 33 / 8 – Cocoa Classic

WOOOOO!!! This is it. I made it. Barring one mulligan for a migraine I have run every day this year. Tomorrow will be a true day of rest. I'll take a long hot bubble bath with an earth bomb and the Love Lettuce face mask from Lush. I might even shave one of my legs... … Continue reading #RunStreak Days 32 / 7 & 33 / 8 – Cocoa Classic


#RunStreak Day 31 / 6

So guess what? Recently I read that Blue Water Grill and Republic in Union Square were losing their leases. I was crushed, I love both places. For those of you who don't know NYC, just trust me, these two are important staples. Anyway, Republic really did go down, but Blue Water Grill IS STAYING!! Fake … Continue reading #RunStreak Day 31 / 6

#RunStreak – Days 25 and 26 – Migraine interruption

For day 25 of my run streak it was a real struggle getting the run in. I made plans to see Josephine: a Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play in the evening with my friend India after work so I planned another run home from the subway.  I was tired and my heart wasn't in it, but … Continue reading #RunStreak – Days 25 and 26 – Migraine interruption