#RunStreak Day 21

Today was another treadmill day. I’m pretty tired; yesterday was a jam packed day. I went to see Ladybird in the afternoon. It made me cry at one point. There were parts that were very moving although it kind of lost me again with the ending. In the evening I went to see Company XIV … Continue reading #RunStreak Day 21


#RunStreak Days 19 & 20

Woops! Forgot to post yesterday, but I did not forget to run! So yesterday I ran after work and then went out. I stayed out far too late and today when I got up to run I was full of regret. I knew I had to run and that I have fun plans in the … Continue reading #RunStreak Days 19 & 20

#RunStreak Day 18 – This post is mostly about my cat

Today was the day of the tooth extraction for my beloved cat Luke. Luke, since he was a kitten, has always been so proud of his upper left fang especially. His panther fangs were part of his signature look. Recently I discovered his lower left canine was in bad shape and would need to come … Continue reading #RunStreak Day 18 – This post is mostly about my cat